Initiative For only one time

Petr Šilar
founder of initiative

Changing the clock is a useless anachronism. Our united voice encourages the European Union to stop this obsolete convention.

Why only one time?

  • Initial economical reasons has proved to be false
  • Clock changes affect health of children, adults and seniors
  • Time shifts are a throw-back from times when we wanted to rule the nature
  • Clock changes regularly disrupt work organization in many branches across the whole of Europe

Your questions

When will the voting start?

The voting will start as soon as our initiative is registered by the European Commission.

Why is it necessary to make the decision within the whole European Union?

Clock changes are embedded in the regulations of the European Union. Individual countries can't make such a decision by themselves, because the whole clock change coordination is cohesive across the whole of Europe. Therefore the decision to stop the clock changes has to be made by the European Commission.

How is the initiative financed?

All existing work on the initiative has been done on volunteer basis. People involved in the team are all supporters of the idea of one time and they have offered their spare time to the initiative. But our work is still at the very beginning and it is highly probable that we will need financial support for thorough preparations and propagation.

Does the initiative suggests summer or winter time?

At the beginning the main goal of the initiative was to stop the clock change. However, during last year the preceding OOT project representatives arranged a survey which showed that of the majority of the supporters want the standard time (that means the winter one). This was also a reason why we started to suggest the standard time as the right one. However, our main objective still is to stop the time change which occurs every six months and which affects our health and brings no use.

How can I help the initiative?

The biggest help is your support and spreading the word about our initiative. Many people are concerned with the clock changes but they may not know that there is someone to stand up for them. Awareness across borders is also important, the initiative is all-European and we need votes from all countries of the EU.

Besides the general support we will also appreciate help with the organization as well as financial support or help in the form of services (like propagation or printing services).

Your opinion

In 2013 the previous project OOT organized a survey where supporters clearly expressed their opinion concerning which time they would like to keep. Results are shown in following graph: